Free delivery for orders over R450 to Cape Town and surrounds! Delivery takes place on the first Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of every month.


1. How long does my subscription last for?

It’s totally up to you! You can pause or cancel at any time. 

2. How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Pop us an email to let us know if you would like to either 'pause' or 'cancel' your subscription and we will do the rest. No reason necessary and there are certainly no consequences for doing so.

3. What day of the month will I be charge on?

You will be charged the same day that you subscribed on.

4. Why shouldn’t I just place my order online every month, rather than purchasing a subscription?

We often receive messages asking whether it’s too late to purchase on delivery day. Now you can remove “Place Aioli order” from your to-do list and let us do the remembering for you! Also, a subscription guarantees you free delivery, no matter where you are in South Africa!

5. What day and time will delivery take place?

Delivery will take place in the first week of every month: Wednesday (CPT and surrounds) and Thursday and Friday (for our friends living in cities outside of CPT). Delivery times will vary based on the courier's schedule, so the best option is to make sure someone is available to receive your Aioli order on delivery day.

6. How often will I receive my Aioli sauces?

Once a month! If you need to top up your order with an extra jar or two or three or four, you can do so online and we will send it to you with your monthly box of sauces.

7. What if I have subscribed, but I want to place an order for other sauces to be delivered along with my monthly subscription delivery?

No problem! If you place your order before the first Wednesday of the month, we will deliver everything to you on delivery day.

8. Will I have to pay for delivery if I order extra sauces?

Yes! All subscriptions are delivered for free, but because of the extra weight of the extra jars purchased, we will add a delivery charge. This is only for adding additional sauces to your subscription order.

9. Can I create my own combination of sauces to order on subscription?

We realise everyone has their favourite Aioli sauce combination, so the answer is YES! Please email us to do so. Just to note, the sauce combination can’t be changed after you select your first combination. Once you choose a combination of sauces for your first delivery, those will be the sauces delivered to you every month. 

10. How does The Chef's Choice subscription work?

Our team of chefs will select four different sauces every month! Some may be the same as previous months, but we will always try to change up the combination regularly (with a few limited edition surprises along the way!)