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About Aioli

Annalize Buchanan and Oliver Swart, the creative chef duo behind Aioli, have worked together for over ten years. Where Annalize brings an abundance of experience and grace to the kitchen, Ollie brings an infectious energy, passion and fountain of flavour knowledge. The perfect balance - together, they're unstoppable. 

The Annalize Catering kitchen is where you would usually find them; cooking up a storm with their amazing team for one of the many events they cater for each week. When South Africa became locked down at the end of March 2020, everyone wanted a taste of Annalize Catering from the comforts of their own home. It was perfect timing. Ollie and Annalize had, in fact, come up with the idea of Aioli four years ago, and it was finally time to make this delicious dream a reality. Making this dream come true would not have been possible without Julia Buchanan (Annalize's daughter and Ollie's fiancé), who has creatively directed them along this journey, as well as added invaluable business insight every step of the way. 

Aioli, a name inspired by Annalize and Oliver has grown to become a massive success with the help of the team surrounding them. Not only can you now have a jar of Annalize Catering in your own kitchen, but you can take a meal to an entire new level by simply adding a touch of one of our Aioli sauces! Ten products, beautifully presented and jam packed with flavour, have given home-cooking a new meaning - less cooking for you and more time to enjoy the special moments with family and friends. 

Constantly surrounding themselves with loved ones, including their larger than life families who adore food, Annalize and Ollie believe strongly in sharing their passions. Whether it's cooking an abundance of food or mixing up flavours for the next best sauce, they are 'going huge' (as Ollie would say), and hope you will join them somewhere along their Aioli journey!

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